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1) Justorum Animae - Charles Villiers Stanford, arr. Robert Miller
2) I’m Gonna Sing ‘til the Spirit Moves in My Heart - traditional Spiritual/Moses Hogan/Robert Miller
3) Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair - trad. Appalachian folk tune, arr. S. Church/Robert Miller
4) Ave Maria - Gustav Holst, arr. Robert Miller
5) Sometimes I Feel Like a Mojo-less Child - trad. Spiritual, arr. Robert Miller
6) Foggy Day - Ira Gershwin, arr. Robert Miller
7) The Coolin - Samuel Barber, arr. Robert Miller
8) Hij Komt, Hij Komt - by Joris van der Herten (concept & harmony) channeling Robert Schumann
      (melody) + Nikolai Kapustin (piano accompaniment) and adapted by Robert Miller

9) All the Pretty Little Horses - trad., arr. Aaron Copland and Robert Miller (new harmony)
10) Pater Noster - Jacob Handl Gallus, arr. Robert Miller
11) Crucifixion - Adolphus Hailstork, arr. Robert Miller
12) Ten Little Native Americans - trad., arr. Rick Bartlett, adapted by Robert Miller
13) Dance Alleluia - Arnold Freed, arr. Robert Miller
14) Dueling Brasses - Arthur Smith, arr. Robert Miller
15) My God is So High - Moses Hogan, arr. Robert Miller
16) Adolescentulus Sum Ego - William Mundy, arr. Robert Miller
17) Elijah Rock version 1 - trad. Spiritual, arr. Robert Miller
18) I Want Jesus to Walk With Me - Edward Boatner, arr. Robert Miller
19) Elijah Rock version 2 - trad. Spiritual, arr. M. Rowly/Robert Miller

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And now we return you to your regularly scheduled Mojo Brass music, already in progress:

All music arranged and/or adapted by Robert Miller (ASCAP)

Mojo Brass:
*Robert Miller - trumpets/cornets
Lawrence Wiley - trumpets/cornets
*Brad Schock - french horns
*Ryan Miller, trombone
Heather Gibson, bass trombone
*Jeff Fleuw - tubas

* = personnel appearing on this recording

(Jeff Fleuw appears courtesy of Fantom Records)

Special guests on this project:
Jessica Fleuw, piano
Johnny Chrysler, drums
Lawrence Wiley, finger snaps
Residents of New Carlisle, Ohio: cars, trucks, motorcycles, and assorted rusty mufflers


Recorded April - May 2013, in Mojo Brass Studio, New Carlisle, OH (Robert, Ryan and Brad),
and Fantom Studios, Los Angeles, CA (Jeff, Jessica and Johnny)

using CAD studio mics, Tascam hardware, Cubase and Sound Forge software, and a lot of love.
Polk Audio and Sony Reference Monitors and Sony Master headphones used for this project.

All arrangements and performances © 2013 Mojo Brass - All rights reserved.