apático [Spanish] {adjective}
indifferent · apathetic · drowsy · listless · lethargic · impassive · torpid · spiritless · toneless · typical reaction to a Mojo Brass recording

"Apatico" was a self-assigned project by Mojo Brass arranger Robert Miller,
to nurse himself back after a health issue during the Spring of 2015.  
As a trumpet player, physical weakness can really take a toll on performances, but arranging is no problem at all (and something to do while waiting for restored health.)
So, please give Robert some slack on his trumpet playing on this recording, and look/listen deeper into the potential of the rich arrangements presented here.

Also present on this recording, is quite a variety of new instrument equipment (new C trumpet, mouthpieces, etc.,) some new acoustics - as Mojo Brass began exploring various recording studio alternatives,
and experimentation with a new MXL ribbon microphone (in addition to and instead of the CAD condensor mics we normally record with) and some recording techniques.  
All in all, great reasons to add a hearty apatico Mojo Brass yawn!

At nearly the same time, Mojo Brass has begun secretly recording our NEXT CD project (code named "Harmonic Brass")
which will truly be a groundbreaking recording of never before recorded brass music.  The polar opposite of Apatico!
Stay tuned for the release in late Summer 2015!

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And now we return you to your regularly scheduled Mojo Brass music, already in progress:

All arrangements and performances © 2015 Mojo Brass - All rights reserved.